Friday, September 30, 2005

Uncle Karl Made Him Do It?

Do you think Bill Bennett was trying to draw the heat away from Tom Delay? And if he was, who do you reckon came up with the idea?


  1. Karl's learned some new tricks, maybe? I could see it. And the GOP machine could use a diversion.... hmmm.

    I don't consider Rove some sort of evil genius, but he does know how to play the game.

    Haven't watched "Wag the Dog" in a long time, maybe I will this weekend.

  2. Skip Wag the Dog. Instead read the book it was based on -"An American Hero" -by Larry Beinhart.
    It's a bit lenghty and rambling but at least it uses Bush 1's administration as the perpetrators.

    I doubt Bill Bennett is taking cues from Fat Karl. I just believe Bennett is that stupid.

  3. LOL, guys! thanks for stopping by.


  4. This is what you get when ass hats speak their mind.