Thursday, September 15, 2005

I Think He Really Tried...

Most of it looked to me like a thousand yard stare into the teleprompter.

At the end of it, and after watching some of the Chris Matthews punditry, it sounds like the folks who've been trying to kill FDR's New Deal are now going to revive it to save themselves.

The Neo Deal?


  1. Jeff, I tried, really tried.. I had my finger twitching over the button, but knowing how much I despise that son of a bitch and his minions, I just couldn't make myself go through the agony (and not finding something other than the remote to throw at the tube thereby destroying it and never being able to change the channel again), I decided to forego El Bushco and dummies rant and watch the Mariners (so far) throw away a two run lead against the Rangers and then go down by one run..
    The verdict is still out on the game, but as far as the Chimp Goes, Hang the dumb son of a bitch....

  2. Anonymous1:27 AM

    I couldn't be bothered wasting the electicity to watch the inept and disgraceful coward.

    Interesting that you brought up the point about the military though, because outside the brainless Fascist zombies that's the only portion of the citizenry that still adheres to him with any degree of reliability. Not the troops, mind you, but the flag officers and the hoping-to-be-flags in the 0-6 and O-5 grades. Outside of this small (but influential) self-interest group the man's true place in history as the worst disaster to EVER befall our republic is solid.


  3. Is Bush worse than James Buchanan? He's usually judged the worst since he did so little to avoid the Civil War.

    Bush screwed up Iraq in some ways as badly as LBJ in Vietnam, his administration is corrupt like Grant's and Harding's, we're heading toward an economic collapse like Coolidge led to the Great Depression, and our civil liberties are under attack like the Alien and Sedition Acts under John Adams.

    The only calamity left for Bush is a full-scale civil war in the U.S.

  4. Barndog4:13 AM

    This guy is a fucking idiot. I read that Dan Bartlett (Preznit mouthpiece, insert cock) made the statement somewhere, that "it's unfortunate we have to defecit spend in this situation".

    WHAT THE FUCK, OVER???? Jeebus. The whole time I was trying to ignore it on the TV, by being in here (another room), but the level of bullshit was coming over my chest waders.

    Tarantula Lady, I think you have it right on the bead. Full scale civil war would be the only thing to capture that stupid fuckers attention.

    Then, I wouldn't be so sure.

    Semper FI

  5. Barndog7:16 AM

    Oh, one glaring problem with this feigned 'plan to revive the coast'...

    Where's the money going to come from, George?

    Inquiring minds need to know.

  6. over a stiff bourbon I watched the ass-clown perform. No mention of the dead or logistics or the internment camps. At least he was performing to a crowd where he knew he wouldn't get any tough questions........

  7. Anonymous8:48 AM

    I liked my husband's observation: "He adds emotion only when he comes to the punctuation at the end of a sentence. It's cute when our six year old does it, but the President?"


  8. Thanks for stopping by and posting, gang. I'll have some more thoughts on this later.


  9. I went for a walk. Skipped the show. Got home just in time to see Tim Russert have an orgasm in his pants, talking to Brian Williams. Yuck.