Monday, September 26, 2005

Karen Hughes: Right Out of Doonesbury

You don't have to make stuff up with the Bush Gang. They're self-lampooning.

From the NYT.
Under Secretary of State Karen P. Hughes arrived in Egypt on Sunday in her overseas debut as President Bush's "public diplomacy" envoy. She denounced Islamic militancy, defended administration policies in Iraq and said the slow response to Hurricane Katrina was regrettable but not racist.

I wonder if they're still calling it a "listening" tour.
The audiences were friendly… Not one questioner…asked about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Sounds like a standard Bush administration town hall meeting. How did they get that many loyal Republicans over to Eqypt?
"I understand that many of the concerns are deep-seated," Ms. Hughes told reporters. "I'm probably not going to change many minds."

No kidding?

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