Monday, September 05, 2005

Oops. Never Mind.

Forget what I said about Admiral Keating inspiring confidence in the military. I'm watching a news conference with Lt. General Honore, Keating's three star commander of Task Force Katrina.

Total cracker sounding jackass. He's doing (has done) everything right. Everything wrong is the media's fault. Why don't them big business types with their fancy computer models and that get down there and bring oil and supplies and such.

Looks like General Honore is another character at the top of the chain of command who overlooked that thing about Homeland Security has "primary responsibility."

According to some, Honore is actually doing a bang up job in New Orleans.

But his bosses might think about keeping him away from cameras and microphones.


  1. Barndog3:21 PM

    I sat during that interview, watching Jertkoffd, Browneye, and LtGen Honore at the PressCon...

    I found myself screaming at the TV...

    "General, you're making my fucking dick hard!!"

    I was silently praying that he would reach over and bitchslap the other two worthless asses, when they interjected their babble.

    True, I will be a Marine until I die, but I will always have a fondness for those 9+ years in the Army National Guard here in Michigan.

    Some of the finest men and women in uniform I have ever served with. I don't know about you Cmdr, but my aviation unit (Uh-1's & OH-58's) was about 45% former active duty personnel. And, about 50% of the maintenance platoon were Marines or Sailors.

    Gotta like that.

    Semper FI

  2. Barndog,

    Here, as in Iraq, I never for a second have doubted the dedication and integrity of the troops.

  3. Jeff,

    Did I miss something? I know that Nagin likes "John Wayne" Honore, but I'm not clear on the criticism (and I'm actually working on my diss today, my husband having declared a daylight moratorium on Katrina coverage) that you have of him.

    Is he spinning the blame to the state and local gov't or something?


  4. I'll have to go back and get more specifics. I recall him blowing up when he showed up in NO and a reporter asked him what took so long.

    At the news conference today, he blew up on the press and said something like "why not go down there and see for yourselves?"

    Seems to have forgotten the press got there long before he did.

    As to why Nagin trusts him--well, he's the only one so far who's really done anything for Nagin's city.

  5. Gotcha - that makes sense, thanks.

  6. Barndog9:43 PM

    Since I'm not on the ground there (in Iraq), I will withold passing
    any judgement - as I do not trust press reports of any kind.

    I do however, have 2 boot camp Bro's 10K N of Baghdad currently at the air station.

    When they (my old Nat Guard unit) returns, I will be fully debriefed, and will submit my report in detail at that time.

    Which so happens to fall around the Marine Corps Birthday....

    Should be a rightious debriefing.

    Semper FI

  7. Look forward to hearing the details, Dog.