Friday, September 02, 2005

More on the Halliburton Rip Off

If you haven't seen MICHAEL SHNAYERSON's Vanity Fair article on the Bunny Greenhouse smear job and the Halliburton/KBR scandal, take a look.

Dick and Dubya's pals, fleecing us by the billions, destroying anybody who tries to stop it.


  1. You really are ripping today, Jeff. Fine work! Although God knows I wish you didn't have so much to write about.

  2. I'm curious how Faux News is spinning all this. Not curious enough to watch them, but a little curious nonetheless.

  3. Jeff, thanks for all the work blogging today on the White House. Personally, I can't watch Bush for more than two seconds before my brain starts to disintegrate so I read the news instead.

    I watched Aaron Brown on CNN and he was pretty disgusted with FEMA. All of the newspapers and CNN and MSNBC are criticizing federal emergency response efforts. In case you haven't looked on Daily Kos, there's a poll out which shows Bush is getting hammered for incompetent federal aid management. According to Steve Gilliard on the News Blog, even Fox is turning on Bush.

    It's really chilling how this disaster shows how unprepared we are for a major terrorist attack. I knew that the U.S. is excruciatingly vulnerable to a biological attack with smallpox virus, for example, but I didn't realize that something as predictable as a hurricane would overwhelm federal and state governments. Hell, several months ago, the NOAA predicted a heavy hurricane season, currently projected at 20 tropical storms and 10 hurricanes where 6 of them become major hurricanes, There's a distinct possibility that the gulf states will be hit by more hurricanes before the season ends on Nov. 30th.


  4. Unbelievable. I just went to and saw Fox coverage that slammed the response. Hannity tried to spin it and failed--Shepard Smith and Geraldo weren't having any of it.

    I haven't scrolled down yet, but on the subject of's subsidary just got a contract to repair Naval bases in LA.

    God save the King.

  5. The Navy thing... Shock! Awe!