Sunday, September 04, 2005

How Many Smoking Guns Does It Take With These People?

Louisiana didn't ask for help, Mr. Chertoff? What do you call this official letter from Governor Blanco to Mister Bush dated August 28, 2005? (Hand salute to Ariadne.)
...I request that you declare an expedited major disaster for the state of Louisiana as Hurricane Katrina, a category V hurricane approaches our coast south of New Orleans; beginning on August 28, 2005 and continuing...

That wasn't clear enough for you, Mikey? I mean, that sentence is right there in the first paragraph of the letter. You and Mister Bush couldn't have missed it. Unless, of course, you never read the letter.

What, we only read pleas for help from Republican governors these days?


  1. Jeff, have you heard this yet?

    Police kill Army contractors

    What a shit storm!

  2. Just did. Command and Conrol?

    Not with this bunch.

    And guess who's not going to take responsibility for it.

  3. We all know who's to blame...wouldnt we all just shit our pants if they actually came out and told us the truth and fessed up to their failures? I know i would.

  4. i just watched the interview on MSNBC with Chertoff, and my god...Makes me want to vomit. How frustrating to watch him dodge the questions with answers that make him look like he is doing a fine job and they are actually competent. aghhh..

  5. Everyone in the Bush Buttkisser Brigade also conveniently forgets that Gov. Blanco declared an Emergency on Aug 26th.

  6. You've probably seen this already, but there's an alternate story circling the blogosphere.

    I wonder what the story will be come morning?

  7. Barndog6:28 AM

    Like to bring your attention to this document - found by Larry Johnson (I believe yes, "that" same one from the US Intel Community, over at TPM Cafe) **PDF FILE**

    AKA; The National Response Plan- was accepted and implemented by Bush Administration in December 2004.

    So, typical of the BushCo administration, they have a written plan, then have circumvented it completely.
    Here's a nice little tidbit from Larry's post:
    Efforts by Chertoff and other Administration spinmeisters to pin the blame on the delayed response on State and local authorities does not hold water. Although the NRP recognizes that State and local authorities have a responsibility to ask for help, the NRP correctly provides a provision to take proactive steps to deal with a threat. On page 43 of the NRP the section is titled, "Proactive Federal Response to Catastrophic Events"
    (Larry has cut & pasted that section on the blog at:

    I strongly recommend you read this.

    Otherwise, I will use my superpowers, and have CMDR Huber run your asses up the flagpole at Captain's Mast.

    Semper FI