Friday, September 09, 2005

$ Talks

What was Dick Cheney--America's First Heart Patient--doing down in the Gulf States, exactly?

On the very same day that Congress pushed through an administration mandated $50 billion disaster bill that no one ever has to account for?

While Joe Albaugh, former head of FEMA and present day Halliburton consultant, is sniffing around for disaster relief contracts in Louisiana?

Read about it here and here, folks.

The wolves aren't even bothering to don sheep's clothing anymore.


  1. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Joe Allbaugh, Halliburton, FEMA...a peek at Service Corporation International (SCI) might be in order.

    Oh, why look, this just in:

    FEMA mortuary move irritates volunteer

    "The company that FEMA has chosen to outsource the recovery work in Louisiana is Kenyon, a worldwide disaster management company, wholly owned subsidiary of Service Corporation International," according to the NFDA.

  2. Yeah. Hey. How about them apples?

    The trickle up economy.