Friday, September 02, 2005

He's Back (Again)

Matthews and Fineman back on MSNBC.

Mister Bush gets out of Marine Corps 1.

Matthews: He jumped out of the airplane like a cowboy.


Here they come, Bush, Chertoff, etc. to the podium.

Bush thanks everybody.

"Just completed a tour of some devastated country."

"I know the people in this part of the world are suffering..."

"This is a storm that's going to require immediate action now."

"Lot of folks are working hard to repair that levee."

(They've been telling him how important it is to fix the levee, and what hard work it is.)

"I'm not gonna forget what I've seen. I understand that devastation requires more than one day of attention."


More babble.

I can't believe this.


Now the governor of Louisiana talks:

Our federal government cares about us. We love having the president here.


Matthews: Has the president recovered?

Fineman: No.

Fineman: And the mayor didn't speak.

Matthews: Maybe he's too angry to speak.


Yeah. Maybe.


Looking back on today:

Karl Rove lurking in the background.

Coast Guard guys standing at parade rest in the background who had better things to do that make Mister Bush look presidential.

Politicians rubbing each other's heinies for the camera.

Mister Bush hugging two black women.

Condoleeza Rice giving a no news press conference to show the administration cares about black people.

National Guard shows up in New Orleans just in time to be there when Mister Bush shows up.

And oh. Laura Bush saying keep the kids in school.


This is our America.


  1. Natty Bowditch7:17 PM

    Hopefully, they'll find Dick Cheney who seems to be MIA.

    All that was missing was the PowerPoint dog-and-pony show.

  2. They must have forgotten to bring the notebook computers.