Friday, September 16, 2005


From a New York Times editorial on Mister Bush's speech last night:
The speech, as good as it was, marks only a moment of clarity.

As good as it was? Surely they didn't mean to say that. Something must have happened to the piece on its way to the printer. I'd guess the original statement was:
Clearly, this speech was as good as we're going to get for the moment.

Have a good weekend!



  1. Anonymous3:47 PM

    It was a good speech.

  2. Relative to most of the others, I agree.

  3. Perhaps they meant it was as good as it gets with PrezNitWit?

  4. if someone thinks it to be such a good speech, why comment anonymous? Just curiuos. I think bush is a horrible speaker and it took everything i had to listen to the whole thing.


  5. To me, he's at his best when he's tossing out cowboyisms, and at his best he's not very good.

    Why some folks thought it was a good speech, who knows?