Monday, September 05, 2005

My Bad (Again)

General Honore Revisited...

Feedback on "Oops Never Mind" indicates to me that I'm eternally capable of artfully employing the English language to express thoughts and sentiments exactly opposite of the ones I intend to communicate.

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING I've seen and heard about General Honore's actions in New Orleans has been nothing short of exemplary. And I'm convinced, at this point, that his relatively late arrival on the scene was not due to any action or inaction on his part, or on the part of Admiral Keating, his boss at NORTHCOM.

The point I earlier attempted to make was that Honore doesn't have a whole lot of sympathy or empathy for the press, and he doesn't come off very well in front of it. Which suits me fine, frankly. We've had enough of senior government officials pandering to the cameras.

That Honore has so little regard for keeping up an appearance of correctness, and such an apparent regard for achieving the goals of his mission, speaks well of him. This guy's not fishing for a fourth star, or a second career in politics.

One last thought. Having had some close up experience with Admiral Keating's leadership style, it's not surprising that he'd put a hard boiled three star in hands on charge at ground zero, and give a damn less about the political consequences.


  1. Anonymous1:21 AM

    OK. So you erred. You're allowed one mistake a month. That was your quota for July, 1996. Better be careful, Jeff. Thanks for the insight into ADM Keating.


  2. Barndog5:32 AM

    I take lots of notes, Cmdr.

    One more 'Aw Shit' is all you get for the 90's.

    Hey Lurch... is that you, jarhead?

  3. I love that the press doesn't censor his language when he's telling the troops to put his weapons down.

  4. I'll be on my very best behavior, guys, I promise.

    Ariadne, that's probably the thing that impressed me the most.


  5. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Barndog, it's me, but I was not a jarhead. I am a victim of the late unpleasantness in SE Asia, via the Green Machine.


  6. Trust your instincts, Jeff; the guy sounds a little flamboyant to me, too. Don't be so sure he's not fishing for a fourth star. In an interview I saw, he sounded capable of lying convincingly, at least about his impressions of Bush.

  7. I think I've said this before, Renata, but I never met a three star officer I wanted to meet again.

    (OBTW: stand by to see Keating as a Republican alternative to the Dem's Clark.