Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Operation Overload Watch...

I just caught Bob Williams of the Evergreen Freedom Foundation with Ron Reagan on MSNBC Coast to Coast, blaming Blanco and Nag for New Orleans.

According to the EFF web site:
In response to his Wall Street Journal column concerning those responsible for Hurricane Katrina's aftermath, Bob Williams, president of the Evergreen Freedom Foundation, will appear on Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor and CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight programs this evening. Mr. Williams may also appear on ABC's World News Tonight.

Williams appears to be following in the footsteps of Dan Goure; a neocon supporter passing himself off as a "news analyst" in the mainstream media.

And the mainstream media appear to be letting him get away with it.


For your further perusal...

Some interesting tidbits about The Evergreen Freedom Foundation from Media Transparency:

When is a think tank not a think tank? In the case of the Olympia, Washington based Evergreen Freedom Foundation (EFF), it’s when a group that purports to be public interest policy organization turns out to be a private interest law firm for a few contributors.

Evergreen, which enjoys 501 (c) (3) nonprofit tax status, claims in its literature and on its web site to be a "public policy research organization" – a local think tank claiming support from some 2,500 donors. On it tax returns, Evergreen describes its mission as "educational research and analysis." Newsletters and fundraising mail tout Evergreen’s advice to Washington state legislators on budget and tax issues, reducing growth management regulations, and privatizing public services, including schools. The tidy mission of a public policy group, however, is merely Evergreen’s public face.

In truth, Evergreen has built its revenue base and committed much of its expenses on a seven-year public relations and legal campaign to curb the Washington Education Association’s (WEA) use of dues for political purposes – the country’s most sustained and targeted "paycheck protection" campaign. Much of Evergreen’s work -- and its subsequent expenses and its fundraising – is tied to legal complaints in the courts and in Washington state’s Public Disclosure Commission. Evergreen carries on an agenda driven by its president, former Republican state legislator Bob Williams – an unsuccessful gubernatorial and congressional candidate -- and executed by Evergreen’s staff of active Republican political operatives and insiders.

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