Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Missing Dick

Dick Cheney, still silent in an unknown location.

From Karl Rove's working notes:

Hmm... Health problems... Must tragically step down... Set up the heir apparent in his place...

Have Scooter look up succession of the Veep.

How to finagle Condi Two Shoes into the job???


  1. Veep's low profile scares me. Almost makes me believe that rumor about Cheney '08. They don't want him tarnished by this shit storm.

    I gave in and ranted over at my site. Not as pungent as Steve's rant, nor as comprehensible. And you know, I don't feel much better for it.

    I should just go play World of Warcraft and forget this awful world.

  2. I've been reading the comments section on Huffington Post. The right-wingers are spewing talking points that blame the governor of Lousiana who is conveniently a Democrat. They're claiming that she was in charge of ALL the rescue efforts and she "screwed the pooch" by not asking for federal aid and for "other poor decisions". Just another Rovewellian response to a crisis: lie and blame everyone else for your screw-ups.

  3. He showed up at the WH for the resident's photo op re: Katrina, looking like death warmed over.

    Knowing a thing or two about heart disease, unfortunately, he sure looks like he is in a bad way.

  4. Yeah, but then again, he always has looked like death warmed over.

    Blame it on the Louisiana democrats--there's a surprise.

    No responsibility whatsoever on the part of the federal (neocon) government.

    And I keep thinking--if Homeland Security, FEMA, Northern Command etal aren't responsible for anything, why do we have them? Why do we fund them?