Monday, September 26, 2005


When Cheney steps down for health reasons, who gets nominated to take his place?

(I'll take 2 to 1 on Condi.)


  1. Really. Condi, and not Rummy? Or Rove. Vice President Rove! It has a ring to it, no?

  2. I'm thinking they need somebody who can run against Hillary in '08.

  3. Condi will get heavy coverage as a trial balloon for '08, oh yeah; but I predict she'll just be a front (for now), a lead-in to another man -- Speaker of the House, maybe? or John McCain?

  4. McCain as veep? I don't know. As the '08 nominee? Yeah, especially if the Dems get control of one or both houses of congress in '06.

    I reckon.

  5. Part of McCains charm was that he was a hardcore Reagan republican who appealed to "moderate" Democrats who would vote either way if they liked the candidate. I don't think that's so true anymore, with the amount of ass-kissing he's done over the last 24 months. There hasn't been a more reliable Rovewellian photo-op than Beloved Leader and McCain. Yeccch.

  6. Barndog4:17 AM

    McCain would bend any direction if it got him reelected. I would like to say Condi's little experience on the stand on the 911 Commission, was probally her death knell.

    I refuse to hold my breath to find out for certain though.

    Someone could start a list of has-been Repub wannabe Preznit nominee's and the reason why they won't make it (Frist - SEC problems... etc). I think that'd be really funny reading fer the next couple years.

    Semper FI

  7. Hey, guys...

    Think Pat Buchanan will take another run at it?

  8. I can't see the Southern base voting for a Negress. As my cousins refer to her.