Monday, September 26, 2005

The Next Big Blow

I haven't heard anyone talking about this yet.

For obvious reasons, the federal and local government response to Rita was notably superior to the response to Katrina. A prime factor in that--other than political pressure--was the level of proactive effort involved.

Here's the $200 billion question: will we be able to sustain that kind of effort for each and every big storm that comes rolling our way?

Is anybody at Homeland Security/FEMA/Northern Command thinking about that?


  1. "Sure, we can handle it! Just takes more belt-tightening; pork-cutting; y'know, all that leadership and fiscal responsibility* stuff! Bring 'em on!"

    *No-bid contracts = good for Amurka! the middle class LOVES paying for this kinda stuff...!

  2. Yep. And the lower classes love working for the no-bid contractors at less than fair market wages.

  3. Well, there's also that salary for "Brownie," since he was rehired as a consultant. Seriously. That guy.