Friday, September 02, 2005

Fineman: The President Can't Clothe Himself...

Howard Fineman on MSNBC with Chris Matthews:

When the red blobs showed up on the radar, it was time to move.

The president can't clothe himself in the mantle of Commander in Chief.


Matthews points out that FEMA is showing us how a response to a massive terrorist attack would go.

Fineman: It not only doesn't look good, it looks frightening.


Matthews: Tom Ridge would have been out there taking the heat from day one.


Fineman says Bush has no political protections now.


Matthews is amazed Dick Cheney hasn't been heard from. I am too. Maybe Karl Rove was smart enough to tell Dick to keep his mouth shut.

Just what the admin needs right now is for Cheney to say something out the side of his mouth about the disaster being in its last throes.

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