Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Wayne Downing: Bush Boy

Retired General Wayne Downing on MSNBC.

He's turned. One more cable news "analyst" who's an echo chamberlain in disguise.

I am really, really, really getting sick of the "news" channels trotting these guys out and letting them repeat the company line.


  1. William Bollinger3:53 PM

    I've hit the point where I just pop a CD in the player whenever I hear blatant propaganda. They had cheney's wife talking about her new book about how we have more freedom now that we did historically. Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds went in.

    I'm going to have to buy more CD's. It's hell being a reformed newsaholic.

  2. Stock up on CDs, William. It's all blatant propaganda.

    But take heart. At least you know that.