Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Two Girls and a Message

In an interview with The Queen of Kool Aid Monica Crowly, White House Communications Director Nicole Wallace just called Mister Bush a "champion of the free press."

Then Monica and Nicole proceed to do a big bash on the media (remember, everything's the media's fault).

They play the Biden clip. Monica and Nicole say he's dishonest. "Everybody saw the same intelligence." (How many times have I heard that in the last two weeks?)

Thank goodness MSNBC cut to a commercial before I had to watch those two kiss.

Yeah, I know, that's a bit cattier than I normally care to get, but come on!

The RNC should have to pay for this kind of air time.


  1. Why should they when the networks play the state department's and the other federal branches' "news stories" for free?

    Just had my students watch "Independent Media in a Time of War" and discuss perspective and editing - have you seen it?

    Just in case, here's the link (requires real player): http://play.rbn.com/?url=demnow/demnow/demand/media_war_256.rm&proto=rtsp

  2. Anonymous6:20 PM

    Two girls and a massage?

    Those kinky right-wingers and their affinity for girl-on-girl action. I wish they wouldn't impose it on the rest of us!


  3. Right wing Sapphic erotica. Fairly transparent, IMO.