Friday, November 04, 2005

In Its Last Woes

Ideas for what to do about Iraq are about as common as noses.

I just got an e-mail from John Kerry's people asking me to sign an petition to bring 20,000 troops home by Christmas.

I have no idea why Kerry thinks 20,000 is the right number to bring home, or what strategic or tactical significance Christmas plays into it.

This is the same John Kerry who back in May of 2004 promised that if elected he would increase troop strength in Iraq by 40,000.

What do you reckon made him change his mind?


In his petition, Kerry also calls for a withdrawal time table that will "withdraw the bulk of American combat forces by the end of 2006."

Well, Mister Bush isn't going to go along with that, even though you can bet a paycheck that the bulk of the troops will be home by the end of 2006 because the Army's going to run out of poop before then. Mister Bush may or may not actually know that, but in either case, he's not going to come out and say it.

The bulk of the troops will be home by the end of next summer in plenty of time for the 2006, and Karl--whether he's in or out of jail--will cook up some face saving explanation his boss can give the nation. When Mister Bush gives the speech, it will be heavily spiced with favored catch terms like "victory," "sacrifice," and "9/11… 9/11… 9/11…"


My favorite Cabinet member Don Rumsfeld said Tuesday he may put more troops in Iraq temporarily to cover the country's general election. On the surface, I'd say that's a sound idea. But I'm uncertain what kinds of troops those will be. The U.S. Army typically operates at a fairly high tooth-to-tail ratio. This means that for every "trigger puller" that deploys to a theater of war, seven or eight support types (cooks, truck drivers, docs, etc.) have to go along with them.

With no clear forward lines and no safe rear areas (which you don't generally have in insurgency warfare), the trigger pullers can wind up focusing all their efforts on protecting the cooks, truck drivers, and docs. So at some point, all you do by sending more troops into a theater is create more targets for the bad guys.

And when you're doing that, militarily, you've completely lost the initiative.

In fact, you've pretty much lost the war.


You can call this "defeatist thinking" or "facing reality," but America needs to wake up to the fact that there is no "good" way out of the Iraq quagmire.

The time for sending more troops to Iraq was more than two years ago. If we doubled or even tripled our troop strength there (which we couldn't, but I'm just saying), we wouldn't have enough troops in country to protect Iraqi civilians--and the troops we send along to support the troops--from Iraqi insurgents.

Mister Bush yodeling about "stay the course" and calling those al Qaeda people bad names isn't going to accomplish much either.


Speaking of Mister Bush:

Down in Argentina, he dodged questions from the press about how he plans to regain credibility with the American public.
"The way you earn credibility with the American people is to set a clear agenda that everybody can understand, an agenda that relates to their lives, and get the job done," he said. "And the agenda that I'm working on now is one that is important to the American people."

Truly incredible.


And speaking of incredible…

On Tuesday Rummy also referred to the hunger strike of the prisoners at Guantanamo as "a successful ploy to attract media attention."

So the hunger strike is the media's fault.

What will those wily Guantanamo prisoners do to attract media attention next? Visit New Orleans? Give a scary speech about bird flu?


The real challenge to America, in my view, is not so much how we get out of Iraq, but how as a nation we're going to regain the image and credibility that Mister Bush and his sidemen have so utterly demolished.


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  2. Jeff, I really hate spam.

    Since everyone in Iraq knows that the U.S. has been defeated, what's your prediction for the aftermath? Civil war, Iranian/Shiite fundamentalism or complete fracture into 3 parts? Or all of the above?

    I'd guess civil war followed by division into Kurdish, Shiite and Sunni areas. The Kurds will become a pariah nation like Israel, the Shiites will become closely allied with Iran, and the Sunnis will be impovished and bitter. All three areas will engage in genocide, which will escalate fighting into Turkey, Iran, Syria, and Jordan. Saudi Arabia will become even more authoritarian in an attempt to keep order in their own country.

    In the end, millions will die and the destruction will be enormous. Terrorism will become a permanent fixture throughout the Middle East with attacks ranging into Europe and America. If we're lucky, terrorists will not obtain nuclear or chemical weapons.

    Everyone in the world will blame the U.S. and hate Americans.

  3. I have some hope that the rest of the world understands that Bush is not America.

    I'm not so confident that much of America understands that, though.

  4. Political masochist that I am, I've been reading through the Gaggles, September and October 04 are particularly heart-wrenching, what with all the war lies by McClellan and relentless attacks on John Kerry, and man, it's really fucked up and amazing at the same time how Team Karl and Dick Cheney -- with media culpability -- twisted Kerry into an undoable knot. Every Gaggle was full of distortions, lies, smears.

    If Kerry has plans for 08, I hope he has better advisors -- one's that advise him to verbally beat the shit outa anyone who lies about him or questions his 'patriotism', cuz he sure took a beating last go 'round; I think it was his silence on the attacks that did him in.

    we'll see.

  5. You know, I kind of hope he doesn't run. He's going to run into the same flip flop attacks, and he's still really vulnerable to them--this call for a troop drawdown being a prime example, I think.

    If I can spot that sort of thing right away, so can the Rovers.

  6. You're right Jeff. Kerry had his shot and blew it. He cannot hide the fact that he supported the war and neither can Hillary.
    Only someone like Gore who has been against it from the beginning has a chance.
    Do overs dont't make it when you look at the number of lives wasted on this debacle.

  7. I tend to agree, Monk. They need someone who's hands are completely clean of the war. Gore's one choice. Some governors may have a chance too.

  8. I think Gore would be a terrible chouce, though. He simply blew the 2000 election, and I don't know why he'd be any better in 2008.

    Bill Richardson is someone the Dems could nominate would have actually stand a good chance of winning, but I don't know how attractive he is to the left-wing of the party.

  9. I tend to think Gore has too much of the Humphrey/Loser stain on him.

    VA's governor, Mark Warner, might have a shot. But I suspect Sens. Allen and the other Warner would smear him up one side of the state and down the other.

    I don't think anyone will make it catering to the "far left," whatever that is exactly these days. (Anybody left of, say, Mussolini?)

  10. Don't dismiss Gore too lightly. If you haven't seen him in action recently or read his recent speeches then you won't know that he is a different man. Confident and assured and one who is comfortable in himself. He knows he was right and that has made him stronger.
    Think about a Gore/Edwards ticket and tell me you couldn't get behind it.

  11. Okay, I'll think about it. Thanks for the input, Monk.

    Just thought of something. Aren't the Gores Catholic?

  12. Al Gore and his family attend New Salem Missionary Baptist Church in Carthage, TN.

  13. Thanks for the info, Monk.