Friday, November 11, 2005

Insult to Injury

Watching MSNBC.

Vice President Dick Cheney, the most persistent draft evader of the Vietnam War and prime architect of our fiasco in Iraq.

Standing at the tomb of the unknown soldiers.

Hand over his heart while the national anthem plays.

Dick Cheney, champion of torture, laying the wreath on the tomb.

Dick Cheney, standing at semi-attention while a bugler plays taps.


I feel like I just got slapped. How about you?


I'm not sticking around to hear his speech. Time to go to the gym, or something.

(Thinks to Christie for catching the typo in "something." Er, "Kristie." Dhu!)


  1. Don't let Big Time spoil the day for you.

    Before this is all over a hard rain is going to fall on him and the feckless fratboy masquerading as President.

    As for the vets, in case you never heard the two sweetest words in the world before, let me be the first to offer them: Welcome Home.

  2. I can tell youre bothered, theres actually a typo in your post!

    Had i ever served in the military, i would probably as tho i had been slapped as well, but ...


  3. fbg,

    I hope the hard rain comes in time. Thanks.


    A typo? By golly, there it is. In the last word.

    Thanks for the catch.