Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Harry Hammers Back

Watching Harry on MSNBC:

Getting these quotes as best I can.

"They [the Senate Republicans] do nothing without orders from the White House. The balance of powers does not exist in this town."

Asked why he didn't consult with Frist before asking for a secret Senate.

"Consult with him?"


Yeah, baby!


  1. Hey Reid, smoke dem MFs!

  2. I walked into my hotel room and turned on CNN and they had the breaking news on about the closed session and were interviewing Harry. He was cutting Bill Frist no slack whatsoever. I thought to myself. This is going to make Jeff Huber do a back flip...
    All I can say is it is about time and I cannot but hope this is the beginning of the end for this administration.
    Go Harry!

  3. I'm well beyond my backflip days, Monk. But I did give Harry a golf clap.

  4. Yeah, it's about time the investigations got moving, but I still have to smile when people talk about "the beginning of the end" for the admin. Does anyone really think the admin won't be around until Jan 09? And that's when the admin would come to an end no matter what.

    I think the Dems need to quit worrying so much about "the end of the admin," which they can't bring about anyway, and concentrate more on getting some seats in Congress and finding an actual message and candidate for '08 so we don't get 4 more years of GOP with a different face. Because if the Dems don't get their act together, it's likely to happen regardless of how much hot water Bush gets into.

  5. Another question I have is, apart from the publicity, why ask for a secret Senate? The transcript of a secret Senate session isn't released unless the Senate (i.e. the GOP-controlled Senate) votes to release it. So how much pressure will this put on the GOPers in the Senate?

    Maybe the publicity itself is the answer.

  6. Yeah. Publicity. We went into a bad war on the basis of wrong intelligence, and this is all about publicity.

    How do I get on that talking points mailing list?

    Do you honestly think Roberts isn't protecting the White House?

  7. Jeff:

    That's really beneath you, as I well know from reading your blog for a while now. If the best you can do is throw out the talking points nonsense, then that's pretty said, isn't it? It's just a way to avoid a discussion. You know very well that doesn't come from any mailing list (and I don't belong to any to begin with).

    Your blog is one of the few where I think (or thought) someone who doesn't necessarily agree with everything you say can comment and get a reasoned response. Don't tell me you've sunk to the level of dismissing someone with a cheap "talking points" slap. Are your beliefs so surface-level that you don't have anything else to offer? If so, that's unfortunate.

  8. Oh, Scott, come on. Isn't an ounce of sarcasm allowable?

    "Publicity" is right off the script, whether you read the script or just heard it said on TV/radio.

    So is calling my beliefs (or anyone's) "surface level," as is "sinking to the level" and "cheap slap" (tell me you didn't get that one from Frist).

    And who's avoiding discussion? You haven't said whether or not you think Roberts has been protecting the White House.

    I'm rather convinced he has been.

  9. Ok Jeff...a truce. You're right about what I said as well, but I get tired of hearing the "talking points" nonsense as a way to derail discussion. I'm beginning to think that calling something "talking points" is a talking point itself.

    As for Roberts - yes I think he's trying to protect the admin.

    As for "publicity." I still think that's what it is. But let me clarify. I'm not talking about personal publicity for Reid or anyone else.

    Give me one substantive reason, apart from publicity, why the Democrats would call a secret session instead of just going to the floor of the Senate. I'll tell you why - because if Reid had simply gone to the floor of the Senate he would have received a short blurb on the nightly news and that's it. Instead, the "Secret Session" of the Senate has been the lead story on every news broadcast I've heard since yesterday afternoon. Publicity. But you misunderstand me if you think I'm 1) criticism; or 2) saying it is publicity for Harry Reid (as I'm sure some Republicans have hinted). It's publicity for the issue. It forces the Republicans to DO something. Why? Not because it is a secret session, per se, but because of the publicity the secret session and the reasons for it are getting.

    That's what I meant by "publicity," and I still think that's why the Democrats went with a secret session - to publicize the fact that there hasn't been an investgation. They were going for the most media coverage they could get.

    And I think it was smart.

  10. My take -- Reid was sending, on its face, a simple message to the Repubs. about how hard they can make life in the Senate.

    In the wake of the Libby indictment, it was high time someone got Phase II moving forward. The fact that it changed the news media subject (momentarily, anyway) back to Iraq, and off SCOTUS stories, was a bonus. So that was the 2 of Reid's 1-2 punch.

    Frist's whiny reaction was mighty weak and petulant, I must say.

    It got their attention, caught them by surprise, but they'll bounce back with attitude. Count on that.

  11. Frist is always weak. I rarely see him even attempt to address substantive issues. He's just about excuses for the right and mindless attacks on the left. If he runs for President in '08 he'll get hammered by any halfway competent candidate.

    The fight in the Senate will be interesting, because between fighting over Iraq and investigations, and fighting over Judge Alito, there's a good chance everyone is going to take their gloves off. If Reid can keep the spine he just grew, the Iraq investigation is going to heat up and trying to stop an investigation is going to potentially hurt GOP Senators going into '06. With respect to Alito, I think the GOPers are likely to try to abolish judicial filibusters if the Democrats resort to that method of keeping him off the court. It could be a hell of a couple of months, between now and '06.

  12. Catching up on the thread:

    Roger "truce," Scott. Agree about the "publicity" in the context you just framed it. But I think Reid needed the "publicity" factor to bring out what he believes (as do I) to be a vital issue facing America right now.


    My take is that this punch in the nose was a long time coming.

    And getting back to something Scott said, I don't get the impression Reid did this to promote himself. Well, not completely, anyway. This is national politics, after all.

    But he had to be aware of the ton of plop the right would rain down on him.

    So, in all, I'm thinking the self-promotion issue is kind of a wash.

    Jeff H.