Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Classy Guy

Another reason to like Jack Murtha: how he reacted to Jean "Red White and Blue" Schmidt's attack on him on the House floor:
Murtha, a lawmaker since 1974 and a Vietnam veteran who received a Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts, said Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press" that he doesn't hold Schmidt responsible.

"This is a new member, and sometimes they give her something to say that ... they get out of hand. I try not to take this stuff personal," he said.

IMO, Murtha has permanantly redfined the definiton of "cool."

And heck, he doesn't even ride a motorcycle or play the guitar or wiggle his hips!


  1. I saw that as well, Jeff. As you said...a classy guy. How old is he? Maybe the Dems should run him in 08.

  2. I have a feeling that Rep Murtha can take satisfaction in the idea that, Diebold notwithstanding, Rep Schmidt will quite likely be a "one-hit wonder" and be spending a lot more time with her family after '08.

  3. Murtha is 73 or 74, I seem to recall reading.

    He's a class act. Murtha also, rightfully so, hasn't commented (that I've seen) on Rush Limbaugh calling him a "useful idiot".

    Paul Hackett already covered that awhile back, though, when Limbaugh was smearing Hackett's service: "...what do you expect from a fat-ass drug addict?"

  4. Lurch,

    I'm sure her family's looking forward to that. NOT!


    Big talk, coming from a totally destructive idiot like Rush.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

  5. Murtha has the cool that comes from having been there and done that - both in the military and in the House.

    I just wish more politicians would "play it cool" and address substance rather than play the personal attack card.

    "We need to re-evaluate our plan."


    "Seriously, our occupation is going very badly."


    "I'm simply stating the facts, this is the truth on the ground."