Sunday, November 13, 2005

Still Lying

"I think it's a lie to say the president lied to the American people."

John McCain on Face the Nation, November 13, 2005

But he did, Senator. Mister Bush lied on Friday when he said he'd been absolved by two separate investigating committees of tampering with the Iraq intelligence.

No mention of that from Bob Schieffer.


Hadley on Blitzer's Late Edition, saying Silberman-Robb commission and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence both exonerated the administration of manipulating intelligence.

Wolf let him get away with it.

Hadley said it again.

Wolf tries to refute him on the Silberman-Robb claim. And he's bringing up the Senate Select Committee issue.

Hadley denies everything.

Wolf tries to get him back on topic.

Hadley slips off the hook.



  1. John McCain is the witless tool of the Bush Administration. They let him play moral cop on torture as long as he toes the line on everything else.

    If determining the result before any evidence is gathered and insuring that the only evidence gathered supports your view isn't a lie, it certainly is dishonest.

    McCain’s presidential aspirations get in the way of both his intellectual and moral compass.

    He does not deserve our respect.

  2. He doesn't have mine anymore. He's just another politician, just another Republican.