Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Reid Brings the Chamber Down

I'm listening to Pat Buchanan blaming the Congressional Democrats for letting Bush go to war in Iraq. He seems to be more or less parroting what Frist, Lott, and Santorum (my God) said earlier in the afternoon.

Harry Reid's pulling a cheap political trick, according to them.

Some cheap trick, if he can actually force the Senate Republicans into launching the investigation they've been blocking for two years.

And Frist, on camera, accusing the Dems of using "fear tactics."

Irony. Dead and loving it.

BarbinMD has more at Kos.


What's amazing to me is that the news channels are giving all the air time to Frist, Lott, Santorum, Buchanan, and the rest of the GOP echo chamber.


  1. Paul M4:28 PM

    Can I get a HELL YEA!

    Guess the spine transplant held this time.

    Go to C-SPAN.

    the repubs are running their mamas (MSM) because the big bad demos didn't play fair (did'nt tell them what was up- like they played by the rules).

    Just a word for all of the repubs - HOW YA LIKIN' REALITY NOW!


  2. I'm pretty pumped up myself, Paul.


    They gotta keep the momentum..

  4. Jeff:

    I agree except with respect to Buchanan. Regardless of what he may be saying at this point, you must not hear or read much of Buchanan if you think he's part of the echo chamber. I imagine the admin pretty much hates him since he's so critical of them on most things, including foreign policy, spending, immigration, etc. From what I've been able to gather, Buchanan thinks the admin are a bunch of jackasses and the feeling is mutual.

    So if someone happens to agree or say the same thing as Frist or Lott (or Reid or Pelosi for that matter) does that automatically make them part of an "echo chamber?" I should hope not.

    Apart from the Buchanan comment, though - well, I'm not a great fan of Reid (or at least his rhetoric, at times) but you've got to have someone in power doing what he's doing and asking the questions he's asking. It is crucial to our system of government. Frist, Lott, et al. need to qui complaining about the invocation of a Senate rule and spend more time addressing the substantive issues regarding pre-war intelligence.

    I suspect it will take the dems regaining a house of Congress at some point in the future (probably '08 or later) to get these investigations going at anything resembling full bore.

  5. Schoolyard bullies typically run away and sometimes cry when someone stands up to them and hits 'em on the nose. Dunno what made me think of it...