Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Post Tim Kaine victory in Virginia, Imus asked Arizona Congressman and former Bush Bum Boy J.D. Hayworth if he'd like to have Mister Bush cut a bunch of TV campaign commercials for him.

Hayworth beat around the bush (heh, heh) for about thirty seconds.

Imus finally asked Hayworth to give him a yes-no answer.

Hayworth: In a word, no.


  1. Bush is a complete jerk. Great blog by the way.

  2. Thanks, Ddot. "Complete jerk" is a good place to start. I'd say he's a mighty stupid one too.

  3. And to round out a pretty good day nationally, our pretend Governor here in California got his head handed to him -- all the Props he was fronting on behalf of his plutocrat friends got tanked.

    Don't think the Dem legislature is going to be paying alot of attention to him this next year.

    It's not the end, it's not the beginning of the end, but maybe, just maybe . . .

  4. Of course some of the CA propositions were good ideas, but then you can't count on the voters in CA to be terribly bright by and large.

  5. Gee, I dunno, Scott. Which were the good ideas? The intent of denying a political voice to blue collar working Americans? The attempt to insert political obedience on teachers by coercion? The attempt to redefine voting distracts by a strawman panel so as to increase the number of Fascist Party representatives? The attempt to starve public schools by lowering spending limits?

    I'll spot you the minor parental notification, although I'm sure minor girls who are the victims of parental abuse might not be too happy.

  6. "Feeling radioactive, Mr. President? Well, just shower it off. And go right ahead, take another Social Security Privatization tour, we'd love to see ya...!"

  7. Hey lurch...I'll get back to your question when I have time this evening...give you my thoughts on it. I did agree with parental notification, although Constitutionally such provisions require a judicial bypass procedure by which minors in abusive situations can avoid the notice (and such provisions should be included).