Monday, November 07, 2005

Oh. My. God.

Speaking of shredding the Constitution...

From today's L.A. Times:
The Internal Revenue Service has warned one of Southern California's largest and most liberal churches that it is at risk of losing its tax-exempt status because of an antiwar sermon two days before the 2004 presidential election.

Funny how the IRS hasn't harassed any of the pastors throughout the country who told their congregants they'd go to hell if they didn't vote for Mister Bush.


I weep. I spent 21 years as a military officer, carrying out an oath to support and defend the Constitution.

For what?


  1. dont weep jeff....

    kristied *hugs* jeff in an effort to comfort...

  2. William Bollinger12:28 PM

    Yeah. Your last words just about sum it up. The question is, "now what do we do"?

    One option is leave. Say, "dubya and his sheeple can have this theocracy", and go somewhere else. Of course, most of us, like me, have family, friends, a home, a career, etc, here. Makes that impractical.

    Next would be to draw a line somewhere, and split the Union. Almost definitely a second civil war, since I don't think dubya would give up blue states willingly, and the same argument as above holds true for anyone living on the wrong side of the line.

    We could go the current French route, and make our displeasure known in the streets. It would be as ugly as option two above; with even less chance of winning, unless someone decided they’d rather give up their agenda than see the bloodshed. Unfortunately, these guys seem to like bloodshed.

    We can come up with a way to bring at least a majority of them back to the middle, but that’s been tried, and they don’t like our reality.

    Finally, I guess we could suck up the old kool-aid and get with the program. Admit defeat. That would not be a comfortable decision for me, but I have a family to take care of.

    Except for the odd chance of option 4 somehow working out, it’s the end of our United States of America. Opinions? Did I miss anything?

  3. William,

    Don't give up the ship of state.

  4. William Bollinger12:49 PM

    It wasn't my idea. Talk to them about it, since they're the ones giving us up.

    Seriously, it is getting worse, and people like you and me are losing. You've seen this, haven't you?

    This is the start of the right-wing's re-education centers in our future. This is no intellectual discussion. I'm afraid these guys are playing for keeps. I would be willing to die, if we could just get a United States back that isn't polarized into self destruction. I'd like my son to grow up free.

  5. More hugs here. I weep too, but your blog is a comfort, even when it's scary.

  6. Nice of you to say, Ariadne. Thanks.

  7. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Answer this for me. How does the asshole NRA Foundation maintain its charity status when the NRA's chief lobbyist (Wayne LaPiere)is paid from the 501(C)(3) account - the NRA Foundation.

  8. Anonymous,

    Oh, I'm guessing the same way 501cs are allowed to contribute to 527s and PACs.

    If it's in the right cause, and all that.

    Back in the bad old Tailhook days, guys were threatened with perpetual tax audits if they didn't cooperate with the Naval Investigative Service.