Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Bush: Buy My War or I'll Shoot These Dogs

If meaningless mantras were sound strategies, Bush Inc. would have zipped up the Iraq situation two years ago.

This morning, speaking from the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, Mister Bush gave us the latest Rovewellian attempt at spinning Egyptian cotton out of bull manure:

Plan for Victory… Plan for Victory… Plan for Victory… Plan for Victory… Plan for Victory… Plan for Victory… Plan for Victory… Plan for Victory… Plan for Victory… Plan for Victory… Plan for Victory… Plan for Victory… Plan for Victory… Plan for Victory… Plan for Victory… Plan for Victory… Plan for Victory… Plan for Victory…Plan for Victory… Plan for Victory… Plan for Victory… Plan for Victory… Plan for Victory… Plan for Victory… Plan for Victory… Plan for Victory… Plan for Victory… Plan for Victory… Plan for Victory… Plan for Victory… Plan for Victory… Plan for Victory… Plan for Victory… Plan for Victory… Plan for Victory… Plan for Victory…

Am I the only one who got cross-eyed looking at that mural of brainwash they erected behind the podium? I wonder what outfit they contracted to build that monstrosity. Kellogg, Brown, and Warhol? I very much doubt that it was designed by the Naval Academy's school of fine arts. (The Naval Academy's school of fine arts consists of the painters who work in the building maintenance department.)


And what's up with Mister Bush having to talk in front of a bunch of kids at a military academy? He can't get the adults to applaud on cue anymore? What's next? A fireside chat to an audience of Campfire Girls?


"As long as I'm your Commander in Chief…"

As long as Mister Bush is Commander in Chief of our military, our military is screwed over a log like Ned Beatty in Deliverance.

Seriously, folks. This rich punk (that's right, I said "punk") who couldn't "stay the course" of his own Texas Air National Guard commitment during Vietnam has committed our "best trained, best equipped" armed forces to an endless war that it cannot win because it was never equipped or trained to win the kind of war it's currently bogged down in.


But that makes no never mind to Mister Bush. He's a wartime president, by golly, and he can swagger and smirk and make like a Teddy Roosevelt macho man to his dark little heart's delight.

What does it matter to him that he squandered our military power on the Mesopotamia Mistake?
Throw up your hands
Stick out your tush
Listen to Rush
Reelect Bush
You've just made the
Iraq Mistake.


I'm not Ted Kennedy's biggest fan, but I agree with his assessment of the administration's new "Strategy for Victory" as a "Strategy for Quagmire".

And yeah, it's just lipstick on an already failed strategy. Or another coat of gold paint on an outhouse.


Not a day goes by that I don't thank my maker I'm no longer a military officer who has to stand in front of my subordinates and convince them that they're fighting for something other than Mister Bush's big oil cronies' agendas, and that Mister Bush himself isn't totally full of bilge.


  1. Same soup, warmed over. Or even better: blather, rinse, repeat.

    I'd rather watch more of Saddam's dental exams than sit through a Bush speech.

  2. fbg464:25 PM

    Today was part of the continuing smokescreen for our bailing out of Iraq.

    We all know we're leaving; the only way we could stay is if the draft had been reinstated a year or so ago. That didn't happen nor is it ever going to happen.

    So, the way out is to declare victory and split, which is what we're doing.

    The "victory" part is two-fold: 1) all the elections that are going on in Iraq. Pretty soon after one of them, we're going to hear that our job is done, coupled with: 2) the Iraqi forces are "standing up" -- Dear Leader today was all about how much better they're getting, conveniently ignoring Gen. Casey's recent testimony that there is one Iraqi battalion that's okay (that doesn't even cover the Iraqi police which are in a complete state of shambles).

    Grown ups know that the recent Arab League conference was the big news: all three Iraqi groups want us out (they'll be meeting again in February to lay down a timetable for our leaving) and the current "government" signaled that it will be talking with the Sunnis re: rapprochement.

    Add that with Ahmad Chalabi's recent high level meetings in DC and Tehran, and you have to think we're trying to do a deal with the Sunnis and the Iranians, the subject of which would be our leaving.

    Hence this morning's introduction of a new category of Iraqi: "rejectionist". Sounds like somebody we can negotiate while claiming we don't negotiate with terrorists.

    The subject of the deal will be a de facto cease - fire so we can be partially out by the first Tuesday in November, 2006 and completely out by the first Tuesday in November, 2008.

    As the great John Mitchell said about the Nixon Administration circa '69: "Don't watch what we say, watch what we do."

  3. Anonymous4:50 PM

    I couldn't even watch. That background is pure "corporatization." Looks like the typical backdrop of a big company pow wow.

    Don't be too hard on Ted. He's not perfect, but he has compassion for those less fortunate. We appreciate his humanism here in Mass.


  4. Eric Alterman has an interesting take on it all:

    "For me, the only serious question to be asked about any Bush speech about it Iraq is how long does it take to disprove its central claims. In the case of tonight’s speech about how we are going to train our way out of this catastrophe, I’d say, “five seconds,” thanks to my buddy Jim Fallows, who, need I remind everyone, did the most thorough pre-war job of laying out the likelihood of postwar chaos and catastrophe, thereby demonstrating the potential value of long-form journalism to our democracy, as well as our political system’s imperviousness to evidence and reasoned argument, alas."

  5. Mr. Huber-you just got linked to by SALON. Way to go! On the front page and everything. Why,I am all puffed up with pride like a momma cardinal in winter just to say I know ya!

  6. FBG,

    I agree with the way you put it.
    We're starting to pull out in January come hell or Hezzbollah.


    I actually think Ted's just fine. His media announcements aren't always the best, IMO. He tends to play into the hands of his critics.


    Impervious to evidence and reasoned argument indeed.


    You know, I have yet to discover that link!

  7. Slightly off-topic of W's major speech, but related by its link to the post-Murtha uproar:

  8. Also off-topic, but Ted Kennedy doesn't give a damn about anyone but himself. Humanism? Sheesh. Political expediency, more like.

  9. All opinions welcome here, Scott. But I'm not quite seeing a lot of self serving motive in the guy.

    He'll never be president, so there's no sense trying. He's already rich beyond my measure, he's already a Senator for life, and he's already gotten away with murder.

    If you have more specifics to share regarding Kennedy's character, I'll be glad to hear them.