Friday, November 18, 2005

Another Usual Suspect

The Rolling Stone links the Rendon Group to the propaganda campaign that sold the war in Iraq (hand salute to Think Progress).

Good reading, and another explanation why Dick and Dubya are so admanant about denying they lied.


  1. Thanks for the heads up on this. I have sent this link to everyone I know as a "Must Read". I knew that propaganda was the word of the day but I had no idea in my wildest tinfoil hat dreams that this crap was happening. This is an amazing article. It explains a lot.

  2. Pattaya, Thailand. Didn't Neil Bush have some dealings in that part of the world at that particular time?

    Nope. It seems, according to CNN, to be a little before then. The connection to the former Chinese President and Silverado Savings (and therefore BCCI) is VERY interesting though.

    More on Rendon here. More on Neil here and you might like to remember it was Rendon who sold us on the First Mesopotamian Tactical Exercise, in 1991, as shown here:

    "February 26: Coalition forces enter Kuwait City. People around the world watch as the soldiers are welcomed by cheering Kuwaitis waving hand-held American and other flags. Public relations consultant John Rendon will ask an Air Force Academy audience in February 1996, "Did you ever stop to wonder how the people of Kuwait City, after being held hostage for seven long and painful months, were able to get hand-held American, and for that matter, the flags of other coalition countries? Well, you now know the answer. That was one of my jobs then." Rendon delivered US flags to Kuwaiti citizens and ensured that plenty of Kuwaitis were on hand to cheer for the cameras as troops entered the capital as part of his duties as public relations management for the Pentagon and the CIA in Iraq."

    As always, Black Max is invaluable as a resource to those who wish to researcch the REAL truth of Iraq and the Bushes.

    As an off-topic aside, those of you hell-bound for the Twilight Zone, might check out Kurt Nimmo's latest on the REAL meaning of "al Q'aeda" and, of course, Douglas Kellner, of BlogLeft fame and his very interesting web page at UCLA and his experiment in on-the-web writing, the draft of his latest effort on the web.

  3. More on Rendon, from 2002, proving this wasn't the first war they sold us: would you believe Panama and Kosovo?

    This interesting tidbit, from CASI, 2002:

    TRG's web site ( has gone dark. As of this writing, The Rendon Group's servers are no longer exposed on the Internet. The O'Dwyer Report -- a PR industry newsletter -- notes the old site "had a wealth of info about clients, case studies, speeches and bios about key execs. [This information is now gone] Its revamped site focuses on its Boston video production arm ..."

    A TRG spokesperson quoted by O'Dwyer claims the site was taken offline for a graphical re-design."

    Yeah, RIGHT!THAT'S the ticket! "Graphical Redesign..." with Morgan Fairchild as the star of the Flash graphics on the site....YEEEEEAAAAAH

  4. DEFuning and Dedmike,

    The more we can make folks aware of Rendon, the better. They should realize our government (administration) is giving tax dollars to a private firm to sell its foreign policy.