Wednesday, November 30, 2005

In Case You're Wondering...

I have plenty to say about Mister Bush's lecture to the kids at the Naval Academy today, and about his "Plan for Victory." But I really need to calm down first.

Hopefully I'll be able to organize a thought or two by this afternoon.


  1. Please mention something other than "Stay The Course".......

    Unwillingly, while at my therapy, I had to listen to the show on Certainly Not News. I was kind of surprised that the band played what I think was "The Navy Song" ??? Did I get that right? And not "Hail to the Chief". I also noted there were no ruffles and flourishes.

    While I'm never bashful in publicly displaying my contempt for this man, I was suprised to not hear what I had assumed was protocol.

    Is this sort of occasion not official enough for protocol?

  2. Hm. You think maybe the band leader at Canoe U. was playing a little trick on his CinC?

  3. No idea. Maybe a Presidential address isn't sufficiently ceremonial? Maybe all of that was done when he landed?

  4. No, Lurch. When a flag officer enters a room, it's "Ruffles and Flourishes."

    When POTUS walks in, it's "Hail to the Chief."

  5. Ah! Many thanks for that.