Friday, October 07, 2005


I was able to read through the transcript of Mister Bush's "major speech". It's quite a bit easier to absorb in text--you don't have to suffer through the smirks and twitches. But it's still pile of manure.

I'm not always in sync with Slate's Fred Kaplan, but I think his summary of the speech is spot-on:
Near the start of the speech, Bush declared, "We will never back down, never give in, and never accept anything less than complete victory." What he has to do now—because, after all this time, he still hasn't—is to explain what he means by "victory" and how he plans to get there.

Don't hold your breath, Fred. Mister Bush will never explain what he means.


The close timing between the big speech and the New York terror alert is hardly surprising. It's a shameful sign of the state of America when we have to take these coincidental terror scares seriously even though we're nearly certain that they are thinly veiled political ploys. In the Rovewellian era, we have no reason to trust anything our government tells us, and no conspiracy theory is too outrageous to dismiss out of hand.


Speaking of coincidence, we get more body count news from Iraq today.
U.S. soldiers killed at least 29 insurgents in a drive to root out militants in western Iraq, the military said on Friday, after U.S. President George W. Bush vowed not to waver in his campaign against Islamic extremists.


And this from Mister Bush's lap dog:
British Prime Minister Tony Blair said on Thursday London suspected Shi'ite Iran and Lebanon's Hizbollah group might be supplying technology and explosives to Shi'ite Muslim militants operating in Iraq, although he said he had no proof.

Hizbollah and Iran deny the accusations.

Tony Blair makes unsubstantiated accusations and Hizbollah and Iran deny them. I never thought I'd see a day when I found Hizbollah and Iran more credible than the Prime Minister of England.

But that day has come. Hell, Blair's track record shows that you can't believe him when he does have "proof."


Speaking of people you can't believe…

White House spokesman Scott McClellan denies Mister Bush said he was "driven with a mission from God" to invade Afghanistan and Iraq.

Which means it's a good bet that Mister Bush did say it.


I'll be tapping out query packages over the weekend. Have a good one!


  1. I also think the fact that the feds are playing down the NY terror alert lends support to the "let's support the big speech with something" theory, and both the speech and the terror alert support the "divert attention from the legal troubles" theory.

  2. Hope everyone's got their duct tape and plastic sheeting -- it's All Terra All The Time for the next few weeks, at least!

  3. Political fear factor.

  4. On an episode of Fear Factor, the contestants had to sit in a chamber filled with Chilean Rose Hair tarantulas, which are usually extremely docile spiders. That is, they're (mostly) no threat to humans. Put a bunch of them together and you have a complete bloodbath because they will attack and eat each other.

    In the wild, they tend to form colonies with each tarantula in an individual burrow but rarely attack each other since they stay underground. These tarantulas take a long time to mature, 10 years or more, and it takes decades for them to establish a stable, reproducing colony. When you remove them from their dens and force them together, that's when all hell breaks loose. The status quo is disrupted.

    So, some idiotic television producers took a group of harmless creatures and turned the situation into bloody chaos in the pursuit of TV ratings and money. Their audience was too stupid and prejudiced against spiders to realize they were watching complete BS.

    I'm not saying that Iraqis are tarantulas (although, coming from me, that's a high compliment since I dearly love my toothsome pets). However, screwing up a stable situation because of greed and stupidity will always result in chaos until a new equilibrium is reached.

    With Fear Factor, the "equilibrium" was killing all the tarantulas. With dubya, I suspect genocide against the Sunnis.

  5. A stable Iraq. There's a concept!

  6. The neocon agenda was targeting the entire Middle East and seizing control of the oil. I've been saying for the last 3 years that the only way to achieve an American conquest of the ME was to go on a genocidal rampage across the region, i.e. total war.

    IIRC, you posted on a conversation you overheard at a bar that genocide is an "acceptable" option for the U.S. If dubya and the neocons had done a better job, I suspect that a significant portion of the American public would have gone along with an utterly brutal conquest of the ME.

    There are few things more stable than a graveyard.

  7. Funny, my last war--Kosovo--was supposedly fought to stop genocide.

    Full circle, eh?