Thursday, October 27, 2005

It's Fitz!

My retired Army buddy who's a yellow dog Republican just gave me the inside scoop on what's really going to happen with the Miers and Plamegate situations.

Nothing will come from the Fitzgerald investigation on Friday. Over the weekend, mainstream pundits will wax themselves hairless about what's really going on.

Monday morning, Mister Bush will announce his new nominee for the Supreme Court:

Patrick Fitzgerald!

You can take it to the bank, my retired Army buddy says.


If Fitzgerald doesn't announce anything tomorrow, I'll be interested to see if this rumor makes its way into the MSM over the weekend.


  1. Your army buddy reminds me of a story. Our ER got a stoned vagrant the other day. "What did you take?" they asked him.

    "Nothing. I didn't take nothing."

    Eventually, they learned he'd been out picking mushrooms.

    "Do you know which ones to pick?"

    "The brown ones. I only pick the brown ones."

    "Did you eat any?"

    "Hell, no."

    His wife, who brought him into the ER, told the doc, "He always eats them."

  2. I told him I'd steal that idea and use it in 2020.


  3. If Rove dodges a bullet Friday, even temporarily, expect the Mighty Wurlitzer to trumpet some kinda victory tune, followed by chants of "partisan witch-hunt".

    In response to that, I'd like to see this pointed out:

    Louisiana's public hospital system is on the verge of financial collapse two months after Hurricane Katrina and needs federal aid quickly, the head of the system said Thursday.

    What's that guy's name...? in charge of that whole reconstruction thing...?

  4. Are you talking about the Artful Dodger?