Thursday, October 27, 2005

It's not My Fault...

Pat Buchanan just trotted out the latest Rovewellian talking point about who's to blame for the war on Iraq. It's not the Bush Gang's fault. It's Congress's fault for not standing up to the Bush Gang.

This gets close to the lunatic logic that says the Jews were responsible for the Holocaust because they let Hitler get away with it.

And on a different scale, it's exactly like your twelve-year old saying it's store security's fault they arrested him for shop lifting the catcher's mitt because store security didn't stop him from shoplifting the catcher's mitt before they arrested him for it.

It's pathetic that some Americans will accept excuses from their elected national leaders that they wouldn't tolerate from their kids.


  1. Wait, aren't the grownups in charge in Washington? Maybe I need to go straighten them out, since I'm in practice working with pre-K kids!

    My 4 year old says: "Harrison hit me."
    I say: "He's outside! has been for an hour. You've been in your room."
    "He hit me."
    "You're just trying to implicate your brother... I see..."
    "I want to implicate him. How do you implicate?"

  2. If they were grownups, they wouldn't be in charge in Washington.

  3. I'm still waiting for the "Responsibility Party" to take some fucking responsibility.

  4. Don't hold your breath, Gus. Leopards and spots, and all that.