Thursday, October 06, 2005

Monica Crowley

Have I mentioned that MSNBC's Monica Crowley is a neocon worm? The talking points go in one end and come out the other.


  1. I was amazed that Ron Reagan was able to keep a straight face today while she was having an orgasm over Preznit Nosecandy's "speech."

  2. He put forth an effort, didn't he?

    She's become totally lame. A Nixon girl.

  3. I don't think she has any qualifications. When she first joined Connected, she kept bragging about her former boss, Nixon. That appeared to be her sole claim to fame since she never talked about anything else in her background.

    I used to watch the show occasionally but it degenerated into screaming matches too often.

  4. Oh, it's nothing but a screaming match. Worse than Crossfire.