Monday, October 24, 2005

Give Them Heck, Harry...

All this speculation about Mister Bush's motivation beind the Meirs nominitation leads me to this tentative conclusion.

In light of the postponed Saddam trial and the anticipated indictments from the Plamegate and AIPAC investigations, Mister Bush wants loyalists on the SCOTUS who will protect him from international tribunals for decades to come.

He'll need that kind of high cover for the rest of his life. Or until he comes down with Alzheimer's disease like Reagan and Pinochet did.


  1. "Scandal-fatigue" in the years after Watergate -- that's what some media types claimed as an excuse for not pushing too hard about Iran-Contra.

    The moment to nail BushCo. ends sometime in the next 2-3 years. If the big bosses can evade jailtime and ride it out till then (they'll naturally send some small fry off to the slammer), then they can all get book deals. And retire to the golf course, and in their spare time hit the lucrative lecture-fundraising-dinner circuit.

    Sorry, all this waiting for Fitzmas is makin' me cranky...!

  2. I think it's doing that to everyone.