Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Even more fascinating:

Raw Story says the guy who's turned for Pat Fitzgerald is John Hannah, "a senior national security aide on loan to Vice President Dick Cheney from the offices of then-Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Affairs, John Bolton…"



  1. Don't forget Wurmser ...

    And this is interesting:

    "Hannah and Wurmser were first named as possible suspects in the Plame leak by Wilson, Plame’s husband, in his book, The Politics of Truth."

    “'In fact, senior advisers close to the president may well have been clever enough to have used others to do the actual leaking, in order to keep their fingerprints off the crime,' Wilson writes."

    “'John Hannah and David Wurmser, mid-level political appointees in the vice-president’s office, have both been suggested as sources of the leak … Mid-level officials, however, do not leak information without the authority from a higher level,' Wilson notes."


  2. Well, dang it, I guess we're gonna have to wait a little longer.