Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Out Go the Lights?

And from America Blog:
Bush knew Rove was the leaker in 2003. Lied in 2004 when he said he didn't know who leaked. Obstruction of Justice.

Boom, boom…


  1. Today's gaggle may be explosive. No doubt Scottie will employ the "we won't comment on an on-going investigation" meme if grilled by the press corps about what bush knew and when, but boy oh boy does the non-denial denials of gaggles past present a problem for the doughy, moon-faced spokesman.

    And that news about the Niger forgeries... you know, we in the reality based community have always thought that those documents were ginned up in the WH's Office of Special Plans...if Fitz has the goods and the docs really were fabricated by ex-cia guys .... holyfuckingshit!

  2. HFS indeed! Yeah, that will be sweet if he can prove it. And oh so gratifying to have been right.

  3. I'm warming up my bullhorn to shout from the rooftops.

    Isn't it wise for a politician not to piss off and/or piss on the intelligence community too much and for too long? They won't put up with it forever, and they're trained in all sorts of... clandestine affairs. Or maybe that's all Hollywood movie stuff!....?

  4. Pissing people off was this crowd's measure of success.

    Too bad. Blowback's a bitch!

  5. oh yeah. no doubt messing with spooks was a baaaaaaad idea.

    from what larry johnson has said and written over the past two years, Val P. was liked and respected in their cirlce -- they're protecting their own. And I LOVE it.

    I can hardly stand the suspense! who'll be indicted???????

  6. According to "the paper of broken record" columnist John "Jackass" Tierney, nobody.