Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Every Soldier Wants To Do the Horizontal Bop

Thanks to Susie at Suburban Guerilla for the vector to this piece about love and war.

Making babies to replace the ones you just killed.

Talk about "unit cohesion."

Uhm... We're boffing each other over there so they can't boff us over here?


  1. Married couples shouldn't have sex with each other? That lieutenant must be _very_ popular (snark).

  2. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Let me see here.

    "can't go into town because we would be killed".

    Yeah, we are truly winning the hearts and minds, aren't we?

  3. A Stupid Theater of War.

  4. Hey, Karen, is that an invitation?

  5. Edward Gray11:25 AM

    uninformed people thinks they are informed by new york time,cnn,ect ect,look it takes both partys to make the usa work and it TOOK BOTH to go to war not just bush so stop the hate stop
    feeding the enemy with hope that we may quit they are the baby killers, leaving iraq ,even if we had never gone there they would still try to kill us the musselums
    own koran tells them if we do not beleve in what they beleve its their duty to kill us DON,T YOU GET IT they are just like cristian zelots here except they kill so lets win get the boys home then let the political games begin so get over it