Monday, December 19, 2005

Stormy Monday: Dubya Rex

Happy Monday, all!

The folks over at ePluribis worked over the weekend to get "Smoke, Mirrors and War Powers" up and running.

It covers a lot of ground previously discussed here, and puts war powers and division of powers among the three branches of government in the context of the recent revelations about Mister Bush's NSA shenanigans.

Hope you get something out of it!



  1. Gave you a shout, Jeff. Thanks for all your hard work. And, good lord, I hope your Hail Dubya post was for effect; if you lose hope, I'll be thoroughly depressed.

  2. Fear not about me losing hope,Doug. As long as there's a windmill out there, I'll tilt at it.

  3. The NSA domestic spying is clearly unconstitutional. I think they've been doing such things for some time, but for a President to give explicit authority. That's a criminal act if you ask me.