Monday, December 05, 2005

John McCain: Lack of Character is Destiny

I don't consider Arianna Huffington to be our leading commentator on America's political scene, but she sure nailed it with her analysis of John McCain's appearance on Russert's show last Sunday.
You got the feeling that McCain knew the stuff coming out of his mouth -- "the president has done a good job" -- was absurd, but both he and Russert lacked the energy either to make it believable or to address its absurdity. I kept waiting for Russert to ask: "But wait a minute, aren't you John McCain? What's happened to you?"


Which is the real McCain? The captain of the Straight Talk Express, or the one who showed up [on Russert's show Sunday] trying to have it both ways -- expressing just enough gentle criticism to keep his "maverick" bona fides, while at the same time assuring Bush's right wing supporters they have nothing to worry about? It's probably no coincidence that today's Meet the Press appearance looked like a hostage videotape -- the party powers appear to have McCain securely squared away.

Yep. This is the same John McCain who had the nerve to author (with Mark Salter) a book titled Character is Destiny.

Here's hoping McCain's character brings him the political destiny--and legacy--he deserves.


  1. Sad. Just sad. A man with character, and all honor due him as a vet AND a POW who suffered years of solitary incarceration and torture. Such a man, with the necessary stamina could be a terrific statesman and politician. Loads of good karma resting on his shoulders.

    i lost all respect for the man when the Bushes shafted him in South Carolina and he hugged that lying deserter on a public stage.

    i keep thinking of the tale of the 47 ronin ( ) and hope, deep inside myself, that the honor is still intact.


  2. More McCain attacks on Murtha.

    The disgust I feel towards McCain can hardly be described.

  3. Nor mine, Kirsten. (By the way, what's up with your blog? What's cooking?)


    What you said, I'm all on board.