Monday, December 12, 2005

Same Old Dubya Talk

I just caught parts of Mister Bush's latest "support the war" speech in Philadelphia.

Nothing new. More "we will accept nothing less than complete victory" with no explanation of what "complete victory" consists of.

One remark I caught that no one appears to have reported on yet was something like, "The insurgents know they cannot defeat us militarily."

In reality, we have no way of knowing what the insurgents know, or think, or feel. But even if it's true that they "know" they can't defeat us militarily, we know that we can't defeat the insurgents militarily.

So why do we keep trying to do it?

To show our resolve?

As I've said before, getting in a bar fight over a girl shows resolve. Of a sort. Waking up in jail with a bloody nose and two broken ribs shows how stupid you are. Going back to the same bar every Friday night and getting in a fight over the same girl and waking up every Saturday night in the same jail for fear of "losing your nerve" is utter insanity.


And speaking of utter insanity…

Despite the claims of some nattering noggins in the mainstream media, Mister Bush and his supporters aren't offering us anything more specific than the same "stay the course" mantra they've been feeding us for so long.

Pro-war pundits like Mackubin Thomas Owens, who for so long denied any similarity between Iraq and Vietnam, now warn that Iraq will turn into another Vietnam if we "withdraw precipitously." But the war hawks making this argument conveniently ignore the self apparent reality that the longer Iraq has drug on, the more it resembles Vietnam, and the longer we stay in this Vietnam-like quagmire, the deeper we will sink.


  1. We have to stay the course because the Social Security loclkbox hasn't been emptied yet.

  2. As good a reason as any!