Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Chris Matthews: Falling in Love with Mister Bush

Chris Matthews is practically playing with himself, he's so excited that Mister Bush identified three factions in the Iraq insurgency.

Sunni insurgents. Former Baathists. Foreign fighters.

Yeah, Chris. The rest of us have known that for, like, two years. We're supposed to get all gushy because Mister Bush is just now figuring that out?


  1. Chris's last check from the RNC contained a special notice that with the expected loss of Mr Delay's unique revenue enhancement program, tougher times are coming. The notice also indiccated that continued subsidy will require more effort from the workers.

    Think of it as a bit like the first phase of downsizing in bribery.

  2. No more soup for you!

  3. No soup?? Gasp....

    How can I have any pudding if I don't eat my soup?

  4. No pudding for you either!


  5. Jeff:

    I don't know why I originally posted this in response to an older thread, but have you read or heard Murtha's response to Bush's speech.

    The guy (Murtha) makes increasingly more sense to me.

  6. badgervan10:47 PM

    Of all the cable news hosts, Chris Matthews used to be my favorite. Whatever he sees in bush is beyond me, but it is clear that he has become quite the fan. I want to scream at the t.v.: "Don't just listen to the words; examine the ACTIONS of this administration!"
    How Matthews can continue to shill for the bushies is beyond me. Very depressing. Matthews seems to think that being a "likable guy" ( his words ) somehow makes bush competent at running our country.
    Another of my heroes bites the dust - along with Colin Powell and John McCain.
    At least I have Obama, Hackett and Feingold left to cheer for.

  7. Scott,

    Murtha's making a lot of sense to me too. I think his original phrase "immediate redeployment" confused some people. Means something different in military talk than it does in real speak.


    Matthews was (is) one of the first guys to fall for the media bashing.


  8. This is what Wikipedia has to say on Mr. Matthews:

    Despite working for Democrats, Matthews has said, 'I'm more conservative than people think,' and 'I've voted Republican many times, (including) for George W. Bush in 2000.'"

    Frankly, I'm not surprised. To this woman, he comes across as conservative in his demeanor and speech. After seeing his interview with Maureen Dowd in which she tried (and failed) to butter him up, I knew then that he was no friend of liberals. He was polite to her, but there was this sense of fear in him, too. Afraid of being outsmarted? Who knows. I've never thought he had all that much to offer.

  9. Chris? Afraid of being outsmarted? Hell, if he were afraid of that, he'd never be able to do an interview.