Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Cheney Greeted as Liberator at Fort Drum

These speeches given to a captive military audience just reached a new level of cheese. The part of the audience behind Cheney (so the cameras can see them) don't have anything to sit on.

That's one way to ensure a standing ovation, eh?


  1. Can you see the guys in the back rows holding battery-powered cattle prods?

    Wonder how many find a way to escape that audience duty...?

  2. If it were in front of a Navy outfit, the reserve officers would have been climing all over each other for the assignment. Get paid for a drill and a fitrep bullet out of it:

    -- Kept straight face during Mister Five Deferrments speech.

  3. William Bollinger2:50 PM

    Seen this?


  4. I like the opening line:

    "One of the maxims of the Bush administration is: Never let the law get in your way."

  5. I heard on the radio news a while ago (apx 1700 Eastern time) that they turned on the heat in the building they assembled in for the benefit of the visitor, who, as we all know is a reptile, and therefore cold-blooded.

    Heated building. December, Ft Drum. I'd applaud too.

  6. Lurch,

    You read that chapter of 2020 that describes Palmer Gross?

  7. No, i haven't, Jeff. As a general rule of thumb I discount Boot-Licker Media stories about this administration. Is it hidden somewhere in the internets?

  8. It's one of my things, Lurch. I'll post it again sometime. When I figure out how to.

  9. Lurch:

    Why do I suspect that any media story you disagree with regarding the admin is automatically compartmentalized in your mind as "boot-licker media" story?

  10. I dunno, R. Scott. Must have something to do with 6 years of bitter past experience. :)

    It's kind of like a scientific approach to validating evolution. Replicable experiments tend to validate the Theory.