Saturday, December 03, 2005

Some Tough Talk...

...from veteran and military dad Stan Goff:
If there is one thing we can always count on, it’s politicians who walk over human corpses to show fear only in the face of something as formless and abstract as an opinion poll. The veterans and military families antiwar movement are well-versed on so-called realism – and that deference we are supposed to exercise when we approach elected officials, hat in hand, for a few crumbs of your attention and support.

We understand power very well.

You are fighting each other for your careers, and you are retaining your power over us through distance and guile, and trying to promote that power by pretending you are hearing our “concerns.” But we have more than “concerns” at stake here.

It is because we understand power that we haven’t the slightest intention of allowing ourselves to be used to promote your careers past the 2006 elections. If you fail to demand US withdrawal now, you are supporting the war; and if you support the war, as far as we are concerned, you can go straight to hell in 2006...


  1. Well said Jeff. Everytime I see the CoC stand up in front of a crowd of military folks as he did last week I get sick to my stomach. I am hearing the same lies I heard from LBJ and Nixon while my buddies were laying it all out in Nam.
    I'll give my life for my country when I know what I am fighting for and know it is the right thing and when I know if I fail my friends and family at home will have to face the enemy. I resented being used as a political pawn back then and I hate that it is happening all over again. Anyone that has worn a uniform should feel used and abused by the Bush administration. They have taken a sacred trust and willfully misused it. There is a special place in hell for them.

  2. Pretty much how I see it, Monk.


  3. Tough talk? I suppose. But given that the Gallup poll last week indicated only 19% of people want the troops to be pulled out immediately, I don't think Goff viewpoint is widely shared. SO yeah, it's tough talk, but what's the practical effect of it?

  4. The practical effect?

    How does telling the truth work for you?

  5. Well - you know what I think about the practical effect of the truth on the American electorate. Small to none, as a general rule :)

  6. Rational truth has to start somewhere. At one time a few rational people dragged the majority into accepting the fact that gravity exists, the earth revolved around the sun, and the earth is round. The truth tellers have since forever dragged everyone else along kicking and screaming. Truth has to start somewhere, polls be damned.

  7. Agree. I thinhk Murtha's about right--six months.