Friday, July 15, 2005

More Brave New World Dictionary

The latest from The Brave New World According to Rove.

In an AP article by Robert Burns, Former Rumsfeld policy aid Douglas Feith "comes clean" and admits the Bush administration "overemphasized the WMD aspect" of the rationale behind the Iraq invasion.

"Overemphasized?" How about "only emphasized?" Or better yet, "lied about?"

More good Rovewellian stuff at the bottom of the article:

"Feith, who served in the White House and at the Pentagon during the administration of President Reagan, said one of his most important contributions during his four years working for Rumsfeld was helping break down communication and cultural barriers between Pentagon civilian and military officials.

"By working closely with Gen. Peter Pace, the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and exposing scores of staff members to their example of cooperation and collegiality, the "great divide" between the civilian and military policy organizations and their "clash of memoranda" has been largely overcome, Feith said."

Which is neo-speak for "Feith helped shit can all the generals who wouldn't play ball with Rummy."


  1. What's Feith's beef? He was a CAD drafter of the Iraq invasion, and *now* he's criticizing?

    He's just pissed because his neo-con fantasy was bungled by the C student without a Clue.

  2. No, he's just high cover, and this story's coming at a key moment. We're about to discover (via Fitzgerald, I think) just how cooked/bungled/distorted the intel on Iraq was.

    Feith's announcements are round 1 (round 2 actually--Wolfie started this game when he said "we decided on WMD because that's what everyone would go along with") of the "WMD was just one of many reasons we invaded Iraq."

    "We could have explained better" is the strategy for dodging accusations of lying.

    Feith's still on the team, believe you me.