Monday, July 25, 2005

Jane's Latest Bad Idea

Jane Fonda's off on a cross country bus tour to protest the war in Iraq.

"I've decided I'm coming out. II have not taken a stand on any war since Vietnam," she says. "I carry a lot of baggage from that."

Yeah, Jane, a whole lot of baggage--most notably the picture of her smiling and posing next to a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft artillery battery as American aviators were suffering unspeakable horrors in the Hanoi Hilton prisoner of war camp.

The last thing the anti-war movement needs right now is for Jane to throw her baggage on a bus and trot it all over America. That will do for the rabid right war supporters what the invasion of Iraq did for terrorism. Pavlov's Dogs of War will howl endlessly across the Big Brother Bandwidth that anyone who opposes the Bush strategy in Iraq--including military veterans who are trying to be heard through the Rovewellian noise machine--of being no better than Hanoi Jane.

Traitors. Unpatriotic. Un-American. Cowardly. Aiding and abetting the enemy in a time of war.

Jane, you're playing right into the chicken hawk's "support the troops or we'll shoot this dog" strategy.

Please, please, please; unpack your bags, stay home, shut up.

If you really need something to do, go out and spend some of Ted Turner's money.


  1. 1) She's an idiot.
    2) Is she trying to promote her book or does she have another fitness video?
    3) I don't listen to celebrities for political commentary, scientific issues or anything else that requires neurons.
    4) Bruce Campbell is right. Celebrities are actually more stupid than the general public.

  2. Or, as Cintra Wilson subtitled her book A Massive Swelling -- "celebrity reexamined as a grotesque crippling disease."

    Hey, the woman let Vietnam vets spit on her and smiled about it afterwards. Anything to sell a book.

  3. Hey, gang.

    Generally speaking, celebrities do their political causes more harm than good.

  4. I absolutely agree, Jeff. This is a spectacular example of that.

    With all of the baggage Fonda brings to the table, there's no possible way that her stunt could be constructive... assuming that she actually wants something constructive visa vis the Iraq War to come out of her bus tour.

    Further, her stunt plays squarely into the hands of the far right defenders of anything and everything Dubya does.

  5. And, remarkably, she either doesn't see that or doesn't care.

    Girl in a bubble.

  6. I got severely turned off by the recent anti poverty spotlight hogging on behalf of a slew of celebrities. Maybe Fonda was watching them and thinking, 'hey, I miss those days when my life seemed important because I attached my fame to an issue that obsessed the nation'. And that's exactly what she will parade around, her celebrity, nothing more substantial. Plus, I wonder if it's even safe for her to be doing that. The public is a filthy, repulsive sty - no reason to seek close, physical contact with it unless you are running for office and you are FORCED by necessity to.

  7. Yeah...forced by necessity to reestablish your celibrity status.

    Thanks for stoppin by and posting, Renata. Hope to hear from you again.