Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Braindead Nut Jobs and Other Obstacles

We're jumping ahead in our analysis of "the opposition's" critical factors, but here's a post from a hardcore Bush supporter at a political discussion web site that's worth noting:

"Well the Rove thing is brain dead...

"You might hear a gasp here or there from the nutjobs who refuse to let it go. But that’s just the ventilator on a brain dead subject. Pay no attention to it, this issue has no better chance at revival than Terry Schivo.

"Of course this how all the Liberal dreams have ended when it has come to Bush. Dreams of getting Bush through Delay, Rove, Cheney, 'Bush lied', 'iraqi quagmire', etc, etc, etc... Or at the very beginning, 8 years ago; Bush was 'selected not elected.'

"All lay side by side now, dismal failures. They only hang by a chad now because some nutjobs who love them refuses to let the brain dead die..."

That's three "brain deads" and two "nutjobs" by my count. The grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors aren't worth the effort of tallying.

But this post is typical of what General Semanticists would call the "ill-logic" of the low end of the Bush support machine--poor command of language, reflexive signal response to emotional symbols and words, and a predisposition to go along with language and symbols that conform to the operant training they've experienced from an early age.

What is the "progressive think tank" network to do about this kind of mindset? Attack it? Debunk it? Ignore it and maneuver around it?

Let's set these questions aside for now, and go on with our critical factors analysis.

To be continued...

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