Saturday, July 02, 2005

A little song, a little dance...

A fellow inmate in his pants.

Lawrence O'Donnell has outed Karl Rove as reporter Matt Cooper's source.

If true, it explains a few things about why Time decided to cough up the documents that implicate the Rovewellian. Let Matt go to jail to cover Karl's carcass? Nah.

Let's watch how Rupert Murdoch's Big Brother Broadcasting Conglomerate tries to make Time the bad guy in all this.

No coverage to be seen on this story in the mainstream media yet. No comment from Bobby Novak either.

Karl could go to prison for perjury.

I'm starting to think that maybe there really is a God.


  1. Karen talking.

    Dear Jeff,
    I doubt it will happen but Rove could even get the death penalty. I have to admit THAT would cheer me up immensely. More to the point, Bush needs his "brain" desperately to manipulate public opinion at this critical moment of his presidency. If he gets a "lobotomy", his whole deck of cards could come tumbling down.


  2. Depends what happens in the '06 elections, Karen.

    I'm not so much into vengence on Rove himself; I'm more interested in the whole issue making the public aware of just what they've been duped by the last five years.


  3. I'll take Karen's vengeance Wish/Desire and raise her a Fantasy: Rove. Desert. Stakes. Ropes. Fire Ants.

    Freedom's on the march!