Sunday, July 24, 2005

Bloody Sunday

If by some miracle you haven't read Frank Rich's Sunday column yet,!


  1. Yes, this is a good one. Frank Rich is up there in the firmament, IMO. Maybe not as high up as Seymour Hirsch, but up there ;o)

  2. He sure has impressed me lately.

  3. What struck me about Rich's article and though I had known about it but had forgotten until he revisited the issue ... was the 12 hour gap. Gonzales tells Andy Card about the investigation 12 hours! before he notifies the White House staff. Lotsa papers and records can be shredded in 12 hours.... Who did Andy call that night after hearing from Gonzales? Bush? Rove?

    Like Watergate's 18 minute gap in the Nixon tapes, Plamegate has a 12 hour gap.

    I read somewhere that it wasn't the religious right Bush feard about nominating Gonzales to the bench, it was Gonzales' up-to-his-eyeballs involvement in Plamegate that kept him from the highest court. If Gonzales is in Fitzgerald's sights... well, imagine the fallout if a Supreme Court nominee were indicted?!

  4. Well, I'm thinking Bolton's in his sights too.

    Interesting days ahead.