Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Another Guy Who Gets It

This from Matthew Yglesias, titled "Follow the Documents."

Matt asks one of my top four questions about the run up to the Invasion of Iraq: who forged the yellow cake documents?

From a footnote in the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence report:

"In March 2003, the Vice Chairman of the Committee, Senator [Jay] Rockefeller, requested that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigate the source of the documents, [clause redacted], the motivation of those responsible for the forgeries, and the extent to which the forgeries were part of a disinformation campaign. Because of the FBI's investigation into this matter, the Committee did not examine these issues."

As of July 2005, the FBI has apparently come up with nothing.

I wonder why not. Maybe they've all been busy trying to get their computer system fixed.

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