Thursday, July 07, 2005

Bomb Them Into the Industrial Age

We need to carpet bomb the entire Middle East.

With carpet bombs of food, medicine and clothing.

Of building materials.

Of Korans.

Of instructions in native language on how to improve food (not narcotic) crop production.

On instructions in native action on health care.

With no other bullshit. No propaganda. No Rovewellianism. Just an American flag pasted to every box. And maybe a smiley face.

That would cost a hell of a lot less than we're spending now.

What would we have to lose?

We're already losing, with the strategy we have now.


  1. Karen here again. I've finally gotten around to creating my own ID.

    Hmm, funny. The same idea occurred to me. You left out that we should release the Iraqi prisoners (except for Saddam Hussein, and other high-level Baathists) and blow up Abu Ghraib.

  2. Well, in all honesty, I don't think "charity bombing" would have a lasting effect either.