Thursday, July 21, 2005

Global War on Terrorism Update

-- Yesterday, a Sunni Arab faction walked out on the Iraq constitution drafting process, and a Kurdish bloc demanded hundreds of square miles of additional territory.

-- Not that the constitutional process was going all that nifty. A provision calling for Khoranic law to apply to family law will, according to many, set women's rights in that country back nearly 50 years.

-- Iraqi security forces aren't ready to fight the insurgents on their own, and the prognosis isn't rosy. As of late last month, US commanders deemed that 3 of 107 military and paramilitary battalions were capable of conducting "level 1" operations.

-- Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari visited Tehran Sunday. He laid a wreath on Ayatollah Khomeini's tomb and declared a "new chapter in brotherly ties” between Iran and Iraq.

-- According to Iraq Body Count 24,865 Iraqi civilians were killed in the first two years of the war. US led coalition forces account for 37% of these deaths. Insurgent forces were responsible for 9% of them.

-- A situation is "developing" in London. A bus appears to have blown up, and something's going in the underground railways.

Have we leaned anything yet?

Will our "leaders" offer us anything other than "stay the course?"


  1. I have doubts about the number for dead Iraqi civilians. That seems too low, given the level of destruction from the U.S. bombing in Fallujah and other cities, questionable reporting on the number of "insurgents" killed who may really have been civilians, death squad victims buried in the desert and the general chaos in Iraq. I also caught an article from 1.5 years ago that stated many Iraqi families don't report the deaths of their relatives because they fear that they will be labeled insurgents.

    There's also the current humanitarian crisis due to malnutrition, disease, and lack of medical care.

  2. It's all bad, TL. And still, the Rovewellians tell us the "free" press isn't telling us enough "good news."

  3. How about:

    Freedom's on the march!
    We're turning the corner!
    They can't shake our will!
    Democracy's hard work!
    Purple fingers!
    Last throes!

    my head hurts.

  4. Yeah, mine too. And I'm really becoming afraid that we won't be able to stop the Pavlov's Dogs of War from turning all this into a holy genocided crusade.